Farewell Postmodern welcome Altermodern

I was idly wondering the other day if we had come to the end of the Postmodern and what would replace it if we had. Well it seems that the Tate has the answer - we are passing into the Altermodern . According to the curator Nicolas Bourriaud (referenced in the Guardian) the Altermodern is:

an "other" modern – a rootless modernism for the 21st century, a synthesis of modernism and post-colonialism, in which the artist "turns cultural nomad".
In other words - there are no boundaries:
"There are no longer roots to sustain forms, no exact cultural base to serve as a benchmark for variations, no nucleus, no boundaries for artistic language", says Bourriaud
So a 'zombie-Western' seems perfectly reasonable in that context.
Quite how different this is to Postmodernism I am not entirely sure yet, although it suggests to me that instead of being all ironic and distanced about things, kind of sneering as Postmodernism seemed to its detractors, it might be more playful and imaginative and creative for joyful reasons - which seems to me especially relevant as we head into economic meltdown and the supposed turn towards the 'fantastical' as a means of coping with the horror of reality (or something like that!).


Amy said…
I'm scared - I like structure!
Ceri said…
But then you know Amy surely that from the chaos will come structure....
J said…
Sooo... Not as hopelessly ironic as PoMo, then, and more respectful of cultural boundaries? Sounds more structured, rather than less, actually. I think I like it.

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