Conference Alert: Rethinking the Maritime Museum

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Developments - Perspectives - Challenges

Tagung / Conference, 20.-23.05.2009
Aabenraa & Flensburg

The maritime museum is well established in the world of museums. For 150 years this kind of museum has made its unique presence, developed its own way of understanding and telling maritime history. Like the maritime world, maritime museums are global. They have established an international pattern, and the items on show and stories they tell do not vary that much. You will find a familiar feel to the maritime museum, regardless of whether it is in Sweden or Argentina. 

Facing new social and economic challenges the maritime museums have to ask themselves if they can sharpen up or refine their profile in order to reach out to new audiences without losing their traditional visitor groups. Based on the historical development of the maritime museums, the conference will address various questions. They will range from the traditional matters of
collections, stories and exhibitions to the broader questions of the construction and significance of a maritime identitty in modern society. The interaction between museums and tourism will also be examined, as will the links between museums and local activists.

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