New History Lab @ Leicester: Spring term schedule

As promised in my last post, here's the New History Lab schedule for the next few months.  All sessions take place on Fridays, 16:20-18:00, in Seminar Rm at 1, Salisbury Road.  Tea and cake provided!

Prof. Andrew King
How do we know something...or what do scientists think they're doing?

Siobhan Begley and Tim Davies
What have you discovered?

Gervase French and Chris Williams
What happened here?  (Walking tour of Sheffield)

Dr Tristram Hunt (yes, 'tis true!)
Lecture: Marx, Engels and Manchester


Malcolm said…
Thanks for the posting! I am really glad you enjoyed it so much - I do hope you all come back for more!
Ceri said…
I shall be back and especially to see Tristram Hunt - even if no-one in Museum Studies knows who he is... ;)

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