Reflections on writing-up #7

For heaven's sake, BACK-UP YOUR WORK!!!!


Ceri said…
Yes I learnt this the hard way during my MA - writing the contents page the day before handing it in (okay so i was last minute then as well as now) I decided it would be a good idea to use the body of the report and take out all the text, thus getting the titles for my contents page. Then through some really stupid error I pressed the save icon rather than 'save as' so lost my entire MA in one fell swoop. It had been ages since I'd saved it (not being very technically proficient then) and so lost much of my revisions and had to rewrite the whole thing once I had stopped panicking and having hysterics. Somehow I passed but I never thought it was quite the same as the version I lost. Now I am very good at saving things!!!
J said…
OMG, just reading this story made me shudder. Thank goodness you had enough time to rewrite!!
Amy said…
Ah, well, thankfully I hadn't actually lost any work - I thought I'd saved over a whole chapter, but because I had heeded my warning and BACKED-UP MY WORK - I found a later version elsewhere. Phew!

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