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From H-Material Culture:

Material and Visual Culture: Narrating National Heritage in Global Contexts

A special-themed issue of Material Culture Review
invites contributions that advance our understanding of the ways relationships of material and visual culture contribute to cultural tourism generally, and particularly, to the ways cultural tourism narrates national heritage in global contexts. Narrating may be understood to mean representing or conveying something about events, situations or other features relevant to or exemplifying national heritage, defined in this instance as human landscape as well as social, cultural and natural environments, objects, images, ideas and practices.

A range of approaches and methods are welcome. Contributors may address any of the following questions or raise others that explore relationships of material and visual culture historically or in the present.

How does the interplay of material and visual culture create, modify, destroy or participate in sustaining, representing or remembering forms and practices of national heritage, globally? What challenges does narrating national heritage in global contexts bring to relationships of material and visual culture? How and to what ends do material and visual culture facilitate the mobility of national heritage? How do their relationships foster, promote or re-narrativize national memory, identity, history or tradition along transnational pathways established
through diaspora, exile, migration or travel and including to former émigrés and diasporic communities? In what ways and to what effects do material and visual culture together address people as the subjects and subjectivities of cultural tourism? Conversely, how do the subjects
shape and otherwise alert us to features and processes of the interplay of material and visual culture? What enables material and visual culture to constitute a contact zone through which national subjects and heritages connect? How do material and visual culture link personal and civic history to national heritage in global contexts? How do they position national heritage in relation to cultural as well as other types of tourism?

Contributors are invited to submit articles, research reports or exhibition reviews formatted according to the guidelines available on the website for Material Culture Review,  The deadline for an expression of interest, consisting of a 300-word abstract and cv, is May 15. Completed work will be due August 1, 2009 to Jennifer Way, 


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