Seminar: Social Media for Museums and Galleries (London/UK, 12 May 2009)

Social Media for Museums and Galleries: One Day Seminar
Collection, Central London
Tuesday 12 May

Social Media for Museums and Galleries is an intensive, information-packed event which - to maximise learning and interaction - is limited to some 25 participants.

Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are fast becoming mainstream communication platforms. And their potential benefits for museums and galleries are huge. (One museum using Twitter has found its attendance doubling in a matter of months!) They are inexpensive. Easy to use. Quick to implement. Reach huge numbers of people. Encourage two-way communication. And can almost instantly incorporate photographs, video and audio.

The seminar will be led by Brian Jones and Christian Payne, two of the UK's leading social media advocates, who have extensive, practical hands-on experience in the field.

The seminar will explore the use and the potential of the most popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and blogs and will incorporate practical demonstrations as well as actionable, in-depth information and advice. There will be the opportunity to discuss your organisation's particular requirements, and to get invaluable advice on your needs, your approach and your opportunties.

During the course of the day, the following key issues will be covered:

    * Social media explained, including creating online profiles
    * The key differences between media such as Facebook and Twitter
    * Using social media as marketing tools, to enhance the visitor experience, and to have a conversation with visitors.
    * Using social media to drive traffic to online media content
    * Linking streaming video and audio to social media
    * The benefits of blogs as communication platforms
    * Case studies of best practice
    * The role of director/coordinator of social media
    * How social media differ from traditional PR and marketing

You will also be able to raise in advance any issues you would particularly like covered, so that the day will really meet your needs. This will be a unique, intensive and highly-rewarding event. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Brian Jones
A seasoned journalist and photographer, Brian Jones is Director of Social Media for Audio on the Web. He has been online since 1993 and is an advanced user of a range of social media platforms. He produces written, audio and photographic content for three blogs and has helped many organisations use social media networks more effectively.
twitter: iambrianjones

Christian Payne
An experienced journalist, Christian Payne maintains and hosts blogs and podcasts with readers and listeners in over sixty countries. With a hand in social media, citizen journalism, professional photography and audio and video podcasting, his recent projects have included documenting the plight of Iraqi refugees for the United Nations; expanding the Open University's new media remit; and working alongside Reuters on groundbreaking projects with Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Who Should Attend?
Professionals with responsibility for - or a requirement to enhance - their institution's work in the field of: communication, outreach, online services, interpretation, presentation, education and learning, audience development, fundraising, marketing, or community relations.

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