Training event: The Social Media Exchange for the Museums (London/UK, 1 June 2009)

From H-Museum:

MONDAY 1 JUNE 2009 - The Resource Centre London, N7

As we know, it's more important than ever to make sure your web presence is
reaching as many people as possible. But are you making the most of your
online strategies? Are you waiting for people to come to you - when you
could be going directly to them? Social networking, blogging, podcasting
and the plethora of new social media applications create great opportunities
for the Cultural and Heritage sectors. They're cost-effective, quick to get
going and have the potential to reach and engage new audiences.

On Monday 1 June sounddelivery is hosting The Social Media Exchange for the
Museums, Cultural and Heritage Sectors in London. This practical training
event is specifically aimed at staff working in museums, galleries,
libraries, archives and heritage sites. The day will feature bitesize
masterclasses, practical social media surgeries, discussions, and
collaboration and networking opportunities. This event will bring together
experts in the sector who are using social media tools and will share their
experiences with you.

For more information and do download a booking form all you have to do is
go to

You will:
. Get a solid understanding of not just the what and why but the how of
social media in an informal and relaxed environment.
. Get up to speed on the changing media climate, the increasing role of
social media and how this can apply to your work.
. Be given practical examples of how podcasts, social networks, blogs,
digital storytelling,twitter and other applications are actively being used
in the sector.
. Meet like-minded people within the sector who are using social media tools
in their work and who want to share what they have learnt with their peers.
. Actively participate in sessions and be encouraged to bring your ideas and
projects to the event for development and brainstorming.

The day will include:
. 20 Interactive Masterclasses focusing on social media, journalism and
. Practical group surgeries in blogging, podcasting, twitter, video and
mobile technology.
. A panel discussion including representatives from Google.
. Opportunities to make connections, learn new skills, compare, contrast and
bounce ideas off other delegates
. Liveblogging, Twittering, Live Podcast Production, Video Feedback.

Masterclasses include:
. Powerful Podcasts
. The Power of the Blog
. Mobile Learning - from mobile phones to the iPpod Touch
. Building up a social media presence from scratch
. How to promote your events online ... on a budget
. Digital Storytelling - creating content through audio slideshows
. Using social media to tackle the learning agenda
. Getting Savvy with Social Networks
. Social Inclusion and Social Media
. How to Engage the Media

This is the opportunity for you and your colleagues to make connections,
compare, contrast and bounce ideas off other organisations. You'll leave the
event with practical skills, fresh ideas and inspiration.

We would really appreciate it if you would forward the details of this event
to your networks and colleagues.

Best wishes

Jude Habib
Director sounddelivery
07803 721481


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