British Society for the History of Science Exhibition Opportunity

I have had a request from our lovely friends over at the New History Lab (check out their blog here) to advertise this exhibition opportunity (Click the title to be taken to the British Society for the History of Science Website):

British Society for the History of Science

Great Exhibitions!

The Outreach and Education Committee are pleased to announce a new competition for public exhibitions that deal with the history of science and/or medicine.

Entrants are welcome from institutions in any country and exhibits may be permanent or temporary. Eligible exhibits must use artefacts or places of some kind and this may include buildings or locations, pictures, instruments, objects and books. Web-exhibits are eligible for the prize. The closing date is the 15th September 2010 and exhibits should still be available for viewing until the end of November 2010. The prize is £300. The winning exhibit will be the subject of a special feature in the BSHS's Viewpoint magazine. Entrants need to fill in a entrance form [Word doc]. Further details are available here [Word doc]. Enquries to


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