A Lovely Surprise in the Post

Well, my little Atticites, I went to the post box yesterday, and what did I find? You'll never guess.

Oh, ok, you did. Post. Yes, but so much more...

On opening the package, I emptied out a letter from the lovely Sam Pointon, Director of Fun at the National Railway Museum, who at the tender age of 6 was appointed to the post almost a year ago. Along with a lovely postcard, and a very tasty stick of rock came a request to tell you what they were up to this summer - a request with which I am more than happy to comply. I'll do anything for sweeties, me...

Anyway chaps, it really does look like the National Railway Museum are doing some corking things this summer. For one thing, you can time travel all the way back to the 1930s - I hope that means that there are LASHINGS of ginger beer, and lots of adventures. I'm sure that there will be. There are plays, talks, a minature railway, a FUNFAIR, and plenty of other things. You can even see the train which takes Harry Potter and company to Hogwarts, and perhaps you might want to have a fully fledged day of Wizardry!

Who can tell what you'll choose? Anyway, it's up to you, and you can find out more by clickyclicking the link below.



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