CFP: International Journal of Intangible Heritage

Call for papers Volume 6: all possible discourses on Intangible Heritage
Deadline: 1st October 2010
The International Journal of Intangible Heritage is a refereed academic and
professional journal for the intangible heritage sector. First published in
May 2006, the Journal embraces theory and practice in relation to the study,
safeguarding, interpretation and promotion of the intangible heritage. Over
recent years, academics, researchers and professionals in many different
parts of the cultural sector have increasingly been studying, systematising,
documenting and communicating intangible heritage elements and in particular
supporting its traditional cultural expressions.
The need for such an international publication was one of the fruitful
outcomes of the 2004 Triennial General Conference of the International
Council of Museums (ICOM) held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on the theme of
`Museums and Intangible Heritage`. The then Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
Republic of Korea (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism) agreed
to provide support for this Journal through the National Folk Museum of
Korea. Following the establishment of a Journal Secretariat in the Museum
and the convening of the International Editorial Board and Editorial
Advisory Committee in late 2005, the first volume was published in May 2006.
Since then the second, third, fourth, and fifth volumes came out in May
2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 respectively. The printed editions are
supplemented by an electronic edition in PDF format at
The Journal welcomes offers of contributions covering all areas of
intangible heritage studies and practice.
The Journal usually publishes three categories of contributions as follows:

(1) Main articles (double refereed), normally between 4,000 and 6,000 words,
excluding notes, bibliography and illustrations. An A4 size page of plain
text averages around 800 words, and the printed paper will normally be
allocated six, eight or ten journal pages according to length and
illustrations. Prospective authors should consult the Editorial Board
through the Editor-in-Chief if a longer contribution is

(2) Short communications (double refereed), of up to 2,000 words (two to
four journal pages).

(3) News and reviews items of up to 1,000 words on conferences, publications
or projects (which will be subject to normal editing by not formal
refereeing. Publication is subject to relevance to the Journal and the
decision of the Editorial Board)
We are now seeking suitable contributions for Volume Six in all three
categories: main papers, short communications, and news and reviews, on any
aspect of research in intangible heritage studies.
Manuscripts submitted should not be under consideration by any other journal
or publisher, nor should they have been previously published elsewhere. If a
manuscript is based on a lecture, conference paper or talk, specific details
should accompany the submission. There are detailed Instructions to
Contributors on the preparation of manuscripts and illustrations in previous
volumes of the Journal (in both the printed and electronic editions) and
these are available on the Journal website at: .

Paper proposals for the Journal can be submitted to the Journal Secretariat:
(postal address below) at any time. However, to be
considered for the next volume (2011) contributions must be received by 1st
October, 2010 for consideration by the Editorial Board at its next meeting.
Papers should be in electronic format, wherever possible should be submitted
via e-mail. The submitted text (including an Abstract except for News and
Reviews items), should be sent as an attachment to your e-mail message.
Texts should then be saved and submitted in unjustified text alignment in
Rich Text Format (RTF). Illustrations should not be `embedded` in the text.
Electronic images of the required quality (see the Instructions to
Contributors), should be submitted as separate files. Original photographs
should not be submitted at this stage, but a list summarising these should
be included.
Please provide the full postal address of each author and of any
institutional affiliation where applicable, including the country name, and
an e-mail address contact address for each Author. Include at the end of the
manuscript a short biography (80 words) for each Author. Please find
attached at the webpage of IJIH as below.

For manuscript submission contact:
Publication Secretariat

International Journal of Intangible Heritage

The National Folk Museum of Korea
Sejongno 1-1, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Emails: ,
Tel: +82-(0)2-3704-3101,3122,3123

For editorial policy etc. enquiries contact:
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Amareswar Galla


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