Bye bye

I graduated yesterday. I iz no longer a student *sob*. So, this is me signing off. Thanks everyone for the last four(?) years of The Attic - I've really enjoyed it. I'm sad to be leaving the blog behind, but I know I'm leaving you all in very capable hands.

Over and out.


Auf Wiedersehn.


Zai jian.


Amy xxx


Jenny said…
You will be very much missed.

Thank you for everything.

And well done. :)
Ceri said…
It feels like the end of an era!

Thanks so much Amy for everything you have done for the PhD community here at Leicester, including setting up the Attic, and helping to initiate and organise many exciting events and thoughtful articles that have shared the ups and downs of being part of a wider PhD community.

I hope we can continue in the same spirit and keep the hard work going and the Attic a vibrant (and necessary) place to be!


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