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From Left Coast Press:
Left Coast's birthday is March 16, sandwiched between the Ides of March and St. Patrick's Day. Every car dealership and electronics store will be having a St. Patrick's Day sale, so we're going the other way. Welcome to the "Left Coast Ides of March Sale" honoring our sixth birthday. Until March 20, you can purchase any Left Coast book from our website via our US distributor at a 30% discount.

Increase your discount! Win a free book!

To sweeten the celebration we'll offer this: improve on Caesar's last words and we'll improve your discount. The Ides of March were made notorious by the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. According to the noted classics scholar, William Shakespeare, his last words were "Et tu Brute! Then fall Caesar!" Very dull. Certainly one of the wittiest Romans could have extemporized a better last line than that. According to some classical writers, he did: "Why, this is violence!" (Suetonius) or "Accursed Casca, what does thou?" (Plutarch). This still leaves plenty of room for improvement.

So, Left Coast readers, here is your challenge. Come up with better "last words of Julius Caesar" than the classical historians and Elizabethan dramatists have reported. Send it to us by March 18 and we'll send a secret code that gives you an additional 10% discount. Remember, it needs to be short--after all, he had 23 stab wounds by the time he fell. And, though Caesar probably declaimed in Greek or Latin, please submit your entries in English. The top three responses will WIN A FREE Left Coast paperback of your choice.

How it Works

1. All Left Coast books are on sale at a 30% discount between NOW and March 20, 2011.

2. Books must be ordered directly from our website and through our US distributor (U Chicago Press) and must include the discount code: L1011. In the shopping cart, insert the code and hit "update" to get the correct price.

3. Give us your nomination for "the last words of Julius Caesar" to increase your discount. Submit it via email to on or before March 18 and we will send you a different, secret, yes secret, code that will allow you to purchase any Left Coast books at a 40% discount until March 20, 2011.

4. The three best "last words of Caesar" entries will receive a FREE Left Coast paperback of your choice. The winning entries (and any others that aren't obscene or libelous) will be posted on our Facebook page. Judging this competition will be our crack team of Left Coast classicists, none of whom ever took Latin in school.

Here is our attempt at improving on Caesar:

"There goes my chance of winning Survivor: Rome!"

Let's see what you can do.


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