CFP: Museums of Ideas

We invite international submissions to be included in this forthcoming book,
being published by MuseumsEtc [] in Summer 2011.

Traditionally, museums have been established on the basis of collections.
However, some of today’s most challenging and dynamic museums throughout the
world are those founded on the basis of ideas. Their themes span human
rights, social inclusion, peace, health, gender or climate change. Their
size, budget, scope and ambitions may differ, but they are all driven and
committed in a way which tends to set them apart. Among them are such
institutions as:

* Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg
* Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham
* Kliptown Museum, Soweto
* Liberation War Museum, Bangladesh
* Lower East Side Tenement Museum, New York
* Museum of AIDS in Africa
* Museum of Memory and Tolerance, Mexico City
* Museum of Memory in Rosario, Argentina
* National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati
* The Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future, Dallas
* Tower Museum, Northern Ireland

Museums of Ideas will provide an in-depth international overview of the work
of these committed and often pioneering institutions, highlighting what can
be learned from their experiences. The book will aim to highlight what is
different about them and what is working for them.

We welcome submissions - of between 2000 to 6000 words - in the form of case
studies, essays or opinion pieces focusing on, but not limited to, the
following aspects of these museums’ operations, especially where these
reflect new, innovative and successful practice in museums large and small:

* Institutional positioning
* Governance
* Objectivity and multiple points-of-view
* Passion
* Influence
* Communication and outreach
* Recruitment practice
* Management practice
* Measuring impact, outcomes and achievement
* Problems faced
* Political dimensions

If you are interested in being considered as a contributor, please send an
abstract (up to 250 words) and a short biography to by
31 March 2011. Any enquiries should also be sent to this address.
Contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the publication and a
discount on more.

The book will be published in both print and digital formats by MuseumsEtc
in Summer 2011.

ABSTRACTS: due 31 March 2011
COMPLETED PAPERS: due 30 April 2011
PUBLICATION: Summer 2011


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