The ICOFOM publication "What is a museum?", edited by Ann Davis, Francois Mairesse and André Desvallées, has been published both as printed and online copy. This book is the revised and enlarged translated version of "Vers un redéfinition du musée?"(L'Harmattan), which, for example contains a pictorial series by Marc Maure: "The gaze of a museologist: Signs and visitors".

This book addresses administrators and politicians, museum professionals and museologists likewise. It reflects the so-called ICOM "definition" of museum in a new light and gives an impression how visitors meet with museums.

Foreword – The Paradox of the Seagull: Michel Van Praët

Preface: Ann Davis

François Mairesse, André Desvallées and Ann Davis: Redefining Museum

Part I: Defining Museum
François Mairesse: The Term Museum

Gary Edson: Defining Museum

André Gob: A Museum Dialogue

Lynn Maranda: On “Museum”

Marc Maure: The Museum: Expressing Identity

Tereza M. Scheiner: Defining Museum and Museology: an Ongoing Process

Tomislav Šola:The Museum Definition: Questioning the Scope and Motives

Part II: Does the Calgary Declaration Redefine Museum?
Bernard Deloche:Definition of Museum

André Desvallées: About the Definition of Museum

Jennifer Harris: The Definition of Museum

Ivo Maroevic: Towards the New Definition of Museum

Olga Nazor: Reflections on the Notion “Museum”

Andrés Sansoni: Thoughts About an “Aletheia” of Museum

Martin R. Schärer: What is a Museum?

Marc Maure: How do visitors see the museum? A picture collection

74 black & white ills., 216 pages DIN A5. See:
€ 32, when ordering directly (f.e. via our online shop, see link)plus PAP, or via any bookstore:
ISBN 978-3-932704-81-9

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