Museological Review Special Issue now online

Museological Review Issue 15, 2011 is now online at

Professor Susan Pearce Foreword: Materiality and Intangibility: Contested Zones

Jenniefer Gadsby The Effect of Encouraging Emotional Value in Museum Experiences

Magnus Gestsson and Serena Iervolino Interpreting Art in the Public Sphere: the Ways Display Locations and Strategies Affect the Meaning of an Artwork

Helen Saunderson Intangible Material: Interventionist Art Works

Mary Lester, Joanna Marchant, Ellie Miles and Kathrin Pieren ‘My London’: Exploring Identities Through Audience Participation and Critical Consumption

Robyn McKenzie From the Contested Zone: String Figures in the Museum

Tânia da Fonte Geo-archaeological Research: from 'Drawing a Triangle' to Three Dimensions

Catherine Moore The Material in the Immaterial – The Powell-Cotton Oukwanyama Film Archive and some Contemporary Material Responses among the Community it Depicts

Rebecca Wade The Boundaries of Knowability: Using the Archive to Reconstruct the 1839 Leeds Public Exhibition

J2 'In the Fold' Imagining Words and Image


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