CFP: Museum History Journal

Museum History Journal, now in its fourth volume, is soliciting new submissions for volumes 5 and 6, to appear in 2012 and 2013 (each volume includes two issues, published in January and July). For specific submission guidelines and other information, please visit the Left Coast Press website:

Museum History Journal is an international, peer-reviewed journal of critical, evaluative histories related to museums. Content encompasses not only a broad range of museum types—including natural history, anthropology, archaeology, fine art, history, medical and science and technology—but also related cultural institutions such as aquaria, zoos, botanical gardens, arboreta, historical societies and sites, architectural sites, archives and planetariums. It presents a variety of scholarly approaches, such as analytical, narrative, historical, cultural, social, quantitative and intellectual.

Please send manuscripts to the Editor, Hugh H. Genoways .


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