And now for some positive news...

Photo of the William Morris Gallery, by Chailey
Continuing the theme of the previous post, I read in the current issue of Art Quarterly that a Heritage Lottery Fund bid has been entered on behalf of the William Morris Gallery, the future of which has been in doubt for some time. In addition, Waltham Forest Council has committed additional funds to the budget, installed an extra member of staff and extended opening hours. All good news.

You can read more on the 'Keep Our Museums Open' campaign blog.


Anonymous said…
Hi, it is indeed positive news that the council appear to be reacting to the campaign to keep the gallery open full time. Currently however the council are trying to gag the friends of William Morris Gallery, they won't allow them to meet at the gallery and are trying to ensure they don't make any critisms of the gallery. It's still quite a hostile situation with the gallery and friends, but we're continuing the pressure on them. Many local people would like to see the museum to be independent of the council, keep visiting for info.
Amy said…
Thanks for the update Anon. (Incidentally, the Attic doesn't normally publish anonymous comments, but I felt this was too important to reject.)

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