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Monday, July 28, 2008

Calling all knitters!

Knitted knickers by the queen of subtle

Some of you will already know about my current knitting obsession. Really, it could jeopardise my PhD. ;) Seriously I find it a great way to turn off my frazzled brain and relax. So, imagine my delight to find, not only a Ravelry group devoted to 'Museum Knitters', but a 'PhD Procrastination' group too! (For the uninitiated Ravelry is rather like a Facebook for knitters - but rather more exclusive. You have apply to join.)

Knitters of the world unite!


Lynn Bethke said...

Woo! I founded the Museum Knitters group!

I <3 Ravelry.

Amy said...

Of course - I should have guessed. ;) In actual fact I found out about Ravelry from reading your blog Lynn. Good work!