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Museums & Social Issues: A Journal of Reflective Discourse
Vol. 3, N. 1, Spring 2008

Where is Queer?
Edited by John Fraser and Joe E. Heimlich


As museum practitioners, we work hard to acknowledge and embrace our visitors' unique backgrounds and experiences, which significantly impact their museum experiences. But in our discourse about visitor diversity, have we considered the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community enough? This important volume addresses this long-neglected topic through insightful essays that investigate the relationship between sexuality and museums, that present practical ideas for effectively engaging museum visitors who identify as GLBTQ, and that compel museum professionals to be more reflective about our practice and our biases.

Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Kris Morrissey

Where Are We?
John Fraser and Joe E. Heimlich

The Museum's Silent Sexual Performance
James H. Sanders, III

Secret Museums: Hidden Histories of Sex and Sexuality
Stuart Frost

Theorizing the Queer Museum
Robert Mills

Embracing our Erotic Intelligence
Paul Gabriel

So, Where Is Queer? A Critical Geography of Queer Exhibitions in Australia
Andrew Gorman-Murray

M or F? Gender, Identity and the Transformative Research Paradigm
Donna M. Mertens, John Fraser, and Joe E. Heimlich

Gay and Lesbian Visitors and Cultural Institutions: Do They Come? Do They
Care? A Pilot Study
Joe E. Heimlich and Judy Koke

Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals: The Curator's View
Edward J. Phillips

Queer Collections Appear
Anne W. Clark and Geoffrey B. Wexler

Gay Ohio History Initiative as a Model for Collecting Institutions
Stacia Kuceyeski

REVIEW: The National Museum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History
Kathleen Condon

REVIEW: Experiencing the Work of Jeff Wall
lore m. dickey

REVIEW: National Constitution Center
Jenny Sayre Ramberg

Resources for Where is Queer?
Emily Meyer


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