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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Publication: Journal of Museum Education, 33 (1)

From H-Museum:

Journal of Museum Education
A Publication of the Museum Education Roundtable
Vol. 33, N. 1, Spring 2008

Adult Learning in Museums
Guest Editor: Robin S. Grenier


Many museums' missions emphasize visitor-centeredness, but relatively little research in the field has been dedicated to one of museums' most numerous constituents: the adult museum visitor. This issue of the Journal of Museum Education examines this important audience. As guest editor Robin S. Grenier states in her introduction to this volume, "Although each article looks at adult education in museums in a slightly different way and from the perspective of different adult populations, each challenges us as scholars and practitioners to broaden our own understanding of adult education and hopefully fosters a dialogue about museums as sites of adult learning."

Table of Contents

From the Guest Editor
Robin S. Grenier

Nonformal and Informal Adult Learning in Museums: A Literature Review
Dana Dudzinska-Przesmitzki and Robin S. Grenier

Museum Education: A Nonformal Education Perspective
Edward W. Taylor and Amanda C. Neill

New Directions in Adult Education
Lynn McRainey

Self-Directed Learning: Implications for Museums
Richard Banz

Rethinking Museums' Adult Education for K-12 Teachers
Alan S. Marcus

Out on the Floor: Experiential Learning and the Implications for the
Preparation of Docents
Robin S. Grenier and Barry Sheckley

From the Editor
Monica M. Smith

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