CFP: The Museum Experiment (AAM conference 2009)

From H-Museum:

The deadline for submitting a program proposal for American Association of Museums, Media&Technology 2009 Philadelphia (April 30-May 4) is approaching quickly. For Media&Technology endorsement, the deadline is July 11, Friday, 2008.

We would like to ask your participation. This is not an empty solicitation, you will be responded to, and this is a direct path to having your voice heard...join in! You can download "AAM Session Proposal Guidelines and Proposal Form" at At the same time, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or possible ideas. I am here to work with you!

The 2009 Theme: "The Museum Experiment"
We encourage you to search for new answers and/or discussions to the following and/or your own ideas, just let me know.

Technology and the Small Museum (all areas) Best Models, Best Practice in Museum Online Learning and Educational Programs Web 2.0-Innovative Uses and Practical Implications of Webware, Geo-tagging, Community Networking, and Collaborative Workspaces Packaging and Experimenting Social Participation/Social Networking Beyond Collection Access / Museum Mashup / User Generated Content Evaluating Museum Experiences - New Ideas, New Approaches Future Trends in Museum Technology / Emerging Technology Alternative Interactive Devices / Alternative Interfaces Tapping the Potential of Online Teen Culture / Why Worry About Generation Y? Making Archive, Library, and Collection Systems Work Together Open Source Software Solutions for Small and Large Museums Intersection of Art and Science / Experiment and Implications Embracing Diversity of Participation / Thought and Action Examining World Cultures to Promote Understanding and Tolerance

What can you do?
For those who attended the 2008 AAM conference in Denver, look over your notes and think back for a moment. Send me your comments as to what were the outstanding topics or individual speakers that you saw. What were the issues that you would like to see addressed again, in greater detail, or perhaps differently? Even if you didn't attend, take a moment to review the same questions: what information or topics need to be explored in a forum where so many diverse associates gather? What should we, as a committee, be looking at as our important, central concerns?

DEADLINE FOR Media&Technology ENDORSEMENT is July 11, 2008.

Again, thanks to you all for being a part of this committee. I look forward to our further conversations.

My best,
Herminia Din
Program Chair, Media and Technology Committee
Associate Professor of Art Education
University of Alaska Anchorage


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