After NaMu

By Park Geuntae

Greetings to everyone.

I have been to Oslo for NaMu last week. It was my first conference and my first visit to Nordic country as well. Well, I do not deny that was a crucial trigger point for me to be at NaMu. The conference and the city, both of them were wonderful. Actually it was more than wonderful. At NaMu, I met a couple of Leicester people-Sally and Allan who made me much more comfortable there. After meeting them, I felt that I’m not in enemy’s territory any more.

I was very impressed by three things at NaMu. First, I found that people at NaMu had a various backgrounds and interests. From objects to marketing, people covered almost everything I can imagine in the museum filed. Of course I found some scholars whose interests are similar with me. Some are from even profit sectors.

Second, I realized that there is museum booming in Eastern European countries. Well, I do not know which one is correct politically, Eastern Europe or central-eastern Europe, but it seems true that they are trying to create many national museums (many of them huge money projects). I know when one country gets independence, the first things they do are to make national universities and museums. They are doing same things now with help from EU, and it was a hot discussion how they present and interpret their history under the Soviet Union. Objects, voice of objects and something like that. I just heard that countries in South America experienced same situations some time ago. It was very interesting. (The next one would be China? Actually many projects are on-going now in China.)

Third, I saw many young people at NaMu! Except some organizers and experienced museum professionals, a lot of people looked very young like around 35. Many of them were at the end of their PhD journey. I was just happy to be there with them.

The first part of NaMu is over now. But there will be the second part of NaMu soon. Currently NaMu publication project is going on so if anyone who attended at NaMu before and is interested in publishing her/his article, you had better contact Simon Knell.

Geuntae with Pille and Sally

I brought my digital camera to Oslo but I could not take nice pictures. I couldn’t have much time to look around the city and I’m not that good at taking good looking photos. However, here I show some pictures of our hotel. Simon said that this is the nicest hotel in NaMu history.

One more thing. The night at Oslo. It was just too beautiful to sleep.

Hope to see you at NaMu 2 or somewhere else again.


Amy said…
Thanks for this review Geuntae. I think you've accurately reflected the spirit of NaMu! And I agree, that hotel looks amazing: makes me quite nostalgic for my undergraduate years at U.E.A....

(Geuntae is another PhD newbie! It's great that you're all so keen to get involved in the research community. Thanks all.)

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