A very short introduction to...

Just wanted to share my little grad student triumph today. The bookstore of the Uni where I work was having a 25% off sale on the Oxford University Press "Very Short Introduction" series. They are $10 normally, but if you are buying 10 of them as I was, you appreciate a discount! I am now the proud owner of a very colourful range: (Social and Cultural) Anthropology; Art History; Art Theory; Barthes; Design; Foucault; Habermas; Heidegger; Ideology; and Sociology. That pretty much sums up my research interests, too. If only they also had Debord, Bourdieu, Memory, and Dress History, I'd be all set!
Anyway, you might want to check if a similar promotion is on in your area - it's a great deal!


Amy said…
Oooo, that is a good deal! I love my Short Intro to the Cold War I bought at the socialist bookshop in Leicester a few years ago (I wonder if it is still there?).

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