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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Conference Alert: Material Matters

From H-ArtHist:

Symposium of the working group, Modern Materials in Collections: Scotland, in association with VARIE and ECA.

Material Matters: Materiality in Contemporary Art
20 November 2008, Edinburgh College of Art

How do you make, preserve and interpret contemporary art made with non-traditional materials? What are the challenges and how are they overcome by artists, conservators and curators? What are the implications and opportunities for art education in Scotland? These are the issues that will be discussed at a symposium organised by the Modern Materials in Collections: Scotland (MMiC:S) working group in collaboration with VARIE (Visual Arts Research Institute Edinburgh) Icon Scotland Group and ECA. The symposium will take place at Edinburgh College of Art on 20 November 2008.

Modern Materials in Collections: Scotland

Founded in 2006, MMiC:S promotes the collecting of modern materials and helps to build confidence, skills and best practice for the acquisition, display and preservation of contemporary objects and art. Following the success of last year's symposium on plastics in collections, this year's annual event will bring together those who make art and those who look after it to discuss materiality in contemporary art.

The morning will be given over to papers, with topics including the semantics of materials, the neglect of materiality in traditional art history, conservation challenges posed by non-traditional materials and the artistic production process. In the afternoon a number of break-out sessions will give an opportunity to explore some of these issues in more detail. Speakers confirmed for the symposium are: Daniel Herrmann and Jacqueline Ridge of National Galleries Scotland, Dr Petra Lange-Berndt of University College of London, Dr Erma Hermens and Rebecca Erdal of Glasgow University, Will MacLean MBE RSA and Glen Onwin RSA. The event will be recorded and we intend to make the presentations available to a wider audience.


Registration is available at £20 or £10 for students. To find out about the programme, view abstracts of presentations and to register, visit

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