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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Publication: Journal of the History of Collections 20 (2)

Hmmmm - one of The Attic contributors has been hiding her light under a bushel...

J Hist Collections -- Table of Contents Alert

A new issue of Journal of the History of Collections has been made available:
November 2008; Vol. 20, No. 2



Robert Tittler
Portrait collection and display in the English civic body, c.1540-1640
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 161-172; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhm039.

Isabel Yaya
Wonders of America: The curiosity cabinet as a site of representation and
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 173-188; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhm038.

Donna Kurtz
The concept of the classical past in Tudor and early Stuart England
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 189-204; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn018.

Anthony Turner
Grollier de Serviere, the brothers Monconys: Curiosity and collecting in seventeenth-century Lyon
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 205-215; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn011.

Monika Bincsik
European collectors and Japanese merchants of lacquer in 'Old Japan':
Collecting Japanese lacquer art in the Meiji period (1868-1912)
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 217-236; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn013.

Julia Petrov
'The habit of their age': English genre painters, dress collecting, and museums, 1910-1914
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 237-251; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn017.

Ion Meyer and Jane Richter
The fate of a nineteenth-century ischiopagus from Denmark
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 253-258; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn009.

Jamie Andrews
What will survive of us are manuscripts: Collecting the papers of living British writers
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 259-271; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn016.

Denise Amy Baxter
Parvenu or honnete homme: The collecting practices of Germain-Louis de Chauvelin
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 273-289; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhm037.

Chelsea Schlievert and Jason Steuber
Collecting Asian art, defining gender roles: World War II, women curators and the politics of Asian art collections in the United States
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 291-303; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn001.

Book Reviews

Moya Carey
L'armoire a sagesse. Bibliotheques et collections en Islam
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 305-306; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn025.

Peter Mason
Portraits of Men and Ideas. Images of Science in Italy from the
Renaissance to the Nineteenth Century
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 306-307; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn014.

Peter Mason
Aedes Barberinae ad Quirinalem descriptae. Descrizione di Palazzo Barberini al Quirinale
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 308-309; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn020.

Christopher Brown
The Later Flemish Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 309-310; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn024.

Florike Egmond
Flora: The Erbario Miniato and Other Drawings
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 310-312; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn015.

Luisa Cale
Imagining the Gallery. The Social Body of British Romanticism
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 312-313; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn021.

Alison Petch
Colonial Collections Revisited
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 313-314; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn023.

Peter Davis
The Whipple Museum of the History of Science: Instruments and Interpretations to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of R. S. Whipple's Gift
to the University of Cambridge
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 314-315; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn022.

Lauran Toorians
De geschiedenis van een begrip
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 315-316; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn004.

Books Received

Books Received
J Hist Collections 2008 20: 317; doi:10.1093/jhc/fhn026.

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