During a break in our very atmospheric Halloween Museum Crawl through Leicester today, I read this Times article about a new project in London's National Gallery, which uses music to highlight and enhance the experience of certain works in its collection. Some quite famous musicians are involved in this project, and as long as the results don't get too obvious or obscure, I think it's a great idea. Gesamtkunstwerk, synaesthesia, and all that aside, it's also a very different way of experiencing art galleries, as the article's author points out, and as we were discussing on the Crawl today (podcast to come!). Wouldn't it be great to plug in your headphones, let the soundscape take you away from the bustle of busy tourist crowds, and commune with art? I also think this would be an awesome digital download to carry around on one's mp3 player!


Jenny said…
I think it is a great idea to add another level to the experience should you want to. I like associating things...making links and ideas. But equally I think things are appreciable in isolation.

On the whole, great idea though!

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