Publication: Journal of Museum Education Vol. 34 (2009), No 2

Journal of Museum Education:
A Publication of the Museum Education Roundtable "Educational Leadership"
Editor: Elizabeth L. Maurer
Summer 2009
128 pages; Vol. 34, N. 2


*Table of Contents*

From the Editor – Elizabeth L. Maurer

Guest Editor's Introduction: The Museum Educator Crisis – Tina R. Nolan

Recessionary Layoffs in Museum Education: Survey Results and Implications – Ron Kley

Welcome Mr. Director and Good Luck! – Rafael Rosa

Sidebar One: Growth and Leadership without Advancement, A Case Study – Rafael Rosa

A Conversation about Educational Leadership in Museums – Leslie Bedford

Sidebar 2: How to Survive a Graduate Program While Working Full-Time at a Museum – Amy Schwartz

Shared Professional Knowledge: Implications for Emerging Leaders – Lynn Yuen Tran and Heather King

Benchmarking: Education on the Road – Maria Mingalone

A Scenario for the Future of Museums – Mary Kay Cunningham

From the Margins to the Center: Recommendations for Current and Aspiring Educational Leaders – Tina R. Nolan

The Leader's Bookshelf: Suggestions for Reading More about Change Leadership – Tina R. Nolan


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