Survey on Handheld Guides

I received this email from the MCG network today, and perhaps some people would be interested to fill in the survey. I know this blog is widely read, and so I thought I'd put it out here.

Hi All.

I would like to draw your attention to an online survey into the use,
challenges + future of mobile interpretation in museums. See

'Thank you' to all those that have taken the survey already. Since
its launch a couple of weeks ago we've had over 100 responses, and the
findings are already pretty telling. We're hopeful the community will
find them interesting and valuable.
The final research findings - inc. the raw data - will be published
online so as to enable anyone to collaborate in interpreting the data.

The survey was developed together with Learning Times, hosts of the
2009 Handheld Conference Online last June. With mobile interpretation
becoming an increasingly ‘hot-topic’ for museums, and with the medium
becoming evermore powerful/ubiquitous, we thought it would be
interesting to identify:
1. why museums use (or don’t use) handheld guides
2. the challenges relating to their use
3. how they saw the medium’s future
4. and how to improve knowledge share in this field

If you’ve not taken the survey yet, it would be fantastic if you could
please find 10 minutes to do so. The survey is ‘open’ to all museums,
whether you use handheld guides and/or are interested in doing so or
not. And obviously, the more responses we get, the more interesting
the results. Add to that, UK-based museums are a little
under-represented at the moment!

The survey is online at

We hope you chose to respond, and look forward to sharing the results
later in the year!

Loic Tallon & Learning Times.


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