Fast Food?

So, last Wednesday, at our regular 'Tea in the Attic' event, we discussed Gediminas Lankauskas' really fascinating (at least, in my opinion) paper about the Grutas Statue Park in Lithuania. One the key aspects of Lankauska's analysis was the role food served in the park restaurant evoked nostalgic memories of the old Soviet regime for some of the visitors. This got us thinking about how the museum visiting experience could be extended into lunch, or afternoon tea (but not quite to the extent described in The Onion's recent 'report'!).

And then I read this. McDonalds is to open in Le Louvre, or more correctly, in the shopping centre adjacent to the museum.



Elee said…
Oh, there are so many things I could say... I'm going to reduce them to a series of floating statements...

Not classy Sell out Grotty toilet associations

Ronald MacDonald vs Mona Lisa death match

BBQ sauce on classical sculpture Yuk, yuk, yuk!

On the other hand, if passing by your local Macky-D's makes you remember an afternoon of high culture, maybe there are some advantages!
Newcurator said…
It's still a shopping centre. McDonalds or not, consumer culture is never high culture.
Jenny said…
I'm saddened more that McDonald's has such a monopoly than where it has gone. While it might be in the shopping centre, for me the bigger issue is that the world is becoming a homogeneous mass. And that is what I object to.

(Aside from the vileness of McD's foodstuffs and their dubious ethics...)
J said…
Well, the architecture of the place speaks for itself - the crystal pyramids of the courtyard are inverted in one underground. High culture, meet low culture... literally. The Golden Arches support the vaults of the Louvre. It's poetic, and I like that!

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