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Monday, October 19, 2009

Morbid Sightseer

For those of you of a dark persuasion...we could have a creepy heritage site crawl!


J said...

Would there be parapsychology involved? Could we have a Victorian-style spiritualism meeting? Because I would totally be up for that! ;-)

Jenny said...

Ohhh, fun!! :)

Amy said...

You do know that Leicester Museums employ a parapsychologist and host regular ghost vigils, don't you?!


Jenny said...

That is brilliant! Can we go sometime? *looks pleading*

J said...

I'd be in! (Blogger seems to agree: word verification is siansc, which sounds liek seance!)

Amy said...

£40 a pop!

Can't blame them for milking the whole paranormal thing really though, can you?

Jenny said...

That's MAD!

Erm, a little out the range at the moment!


Nah, I guess you can't blame them.