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Friday, May 21, 2010

An Appeal from the Victorian Society

Help track down the ten most at risk buildings in the country

An appeal to find the ten most endangered historic buildings in the country has been launched by the Victorian Society.

The Society is calling on historians, enthusiasts and local campaigners across the country to nominate Victorian or Edwardian buildings that are at risk in their local area.

The endangered buildings campaign, now in its fourth year, aims to highlight the problems facing many of our historic buildings.

'People expect us to be obsessed with the past, but the reality is we are obsessed with the future. We want to ensure that the best examples of Victorian and Edwardian architecture are still there for future generations to enjoy', said Dr Ian Dungavell, Director of the Victorian Society. 'To do this we need to know what is most at risk; so if you know of a vulnerable Victorian school building, or an empty pub, a disused swimming pool or a crumbling chapel, we want to hear about it.'

Buildings that have been nominated in the past also include mills and factories, public baths, churches, town halls and stately homes.

'We have been left an extraordinary legacy of beautiful buildings but sadly even the finest architecture is no match for sustained neglect or poor planning.'

The nominations will be considered by the Society's experts on architecture and conservation, and a Top Ten will be published in the autumn.


Amy said...

I'm sure we could find a few candidates in Leicester. Not least, Eastgates Coffee House:

Perhaps The Attic community should come together to draw up a list of possibles, and another poll could decide on the winner to be put through to the Victorian Society appeal?

Jenny said...

Yeah, that would be good - although Eastgates isn't exactly Victorian/Edwardian, is it? But I'm sure there's more in Leicester.

Amy said...

Surprisingly it is! 1885, build to emulate the 15th century.

Jenny said...

Opps, I thought I'd been told it was one of the oldest coffee shops in the country!

*history fail*

J said...

Oh I totally vote Eastgates!

Jenny said...

Yes, I do too, by the way. Lets put it in!!