Happy International Museum Day!

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) established International Museum Day in 1977 to encourage
public awareness of the role of museums in the development of society.
Momentum has been rising unabated ever since. In 2009, International Museum Day garnered record-breaking
participation with almost 20,000 museums hosting events in more than 90 countries.
The worldwide community of museums will celebrate International Museum Day around May 18, 2010 and
will, as always, be creative in organising discovery tours by day or night, atypical visits, workshops and
conferences for all kinds of visitors.
“Museums for social harmony" is the theme of this year’s International Museum Day. Harmony is a concept
significant for both Humanity and for representing Eastern cultures. The basis of social harmony lies in
dialogue, tolerance, coexistence and development, based on pluralism, difference, competition and creativity.
Fundamentally social harmony is "to agree but to stand out, to look for common ground but to keep the

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