Hospitality Conference July 1-3, Sheffield Hallam Uni

Transmission: HOSPITALITY

Transmission: HOSPITALITY is an interdisciplinary conference that will address the relation between the modes of analysis and communication for comprehending art, through addressing the ethics and politics of hospitality and the positions of host, stranger and friend.

Keynote guest speakers

• Clegg and Guttmann • Juliet Flower MacCannell • Ahuvia Kahane
• Esther Leslie • Dany Nobus • Blake Stimson

Dialogue sessions will explore themes of • art and responsibility • art and ethics • art and psychoanalysis • cultures of curating • hospitality and film • art and the foreigner (or the odd, eccentric and uncanny) • art and philosophy • multidisciplinary practice • art and dialogue • art and community • art and politics • collaborative practice

A new journal, Transmission Annual, will be launched during the conference. The pilot issue takes ups hospitlaity, incorporating both stranger and friend in the dual host relation.

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