Nominate Your Worthy Buildings

Following on from the Appeal from the Victorian Society which I posted earlier, I would like to invite you to nominate buildings from the Victorian/Edwardian eras in the Leicester area which you consider to be in danger and worthy of saving.

The Attic, as a starting point, would like to put forward for your consideration, Eastgates Coffee House. Designed by Edward Burgess, it was opened by the Duchess of Rutland in 1885, and was associated with the Temperance Movement. I walk past this building fairly frequently, and the state of it breaks my heart.

We would also like to suggest Silver Arcade, the only Victorian Shopping Arcade left in the city. Leicester Civic Society campaigned to open it, and were approved in 2009!

Go on then, suggest away!


Ceri said…
I think the old Midland / HSBC (??)bank on the corner of Granby Street and Bishop Street is perhaps in need of saving, it is empty at the moment - it has the most beautiful stained glass windows and sculptures. I wish I had loads of money to buy it, it is so sad to see it empty and un-used

Leicester's industrial heritage is also badly neglected by the city - on Frog Island - there are two old factories, one by the river Soar has been semi-knocked down and has a car wash in front of it. there is just enough left to remind you of its former glory but is in a depressing state - perhaps it was to be done up but is now left in limbo. There is another factory down Slater Street which looked like it was going to be made into flats but is also left derelict.

of course there was the bowstring bridge but evil Leicester council already got rid of that. no sign of the supposed swimming pool either...
Ceri said…
sorry forgot to say that I agree with your comments too!

I am sure there are many more - there are quite a few empty buildings round the city centre which could do with a facelift.
Jenny said…
Is the Midland bank the one opposite Coffee Republic? Good ideas!

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