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Thursday, May 13, 2010

ICOM: Museums, Participation and Society

Anyone interested in attending or presenting should, in the first instance, contact Paula Dos Santos at,

XIII International Workshop MINOM/ICOM
Museums, participation & society: a dialogue between European practices 28-30 June 2010 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Discussions regarding the social role of museum, participation and the democratization of museum tools and processes have become a priority in many countries. Different approaches and solutions are being developed in different places. MINOM would like to invite professionals and practitioners from European countries to share their views and solutions to issues that affect us all.
The workshop will deal with the following topics and initiatives:
Topics: Different approaches to the social role of museums and heritage: from development to social inclusion; new social practices based on knowledge networks, informational networks and communities of practices; upcoming tendencies in sociomuseology.
Initiatives: Creation of a global knowledge network of heritage and development (former interactions-online website); I European Meeting of Museology students and the creation of a network of museology students
28 June Recognizing
10.00- 10.30 - Opening
11.00- 12.00- Presentation of workshop themes
12.00 13.00- Launch of new Interactions Online website and network project
14.00-16.00- Thematic Workshops
-Knowledge networks & communities of practice: multiple perspectives (Paula Assuncao dos Santos, Amsterdam)
-New pathways of participation in museological processes (Robert Heslip, Belfast)
-Museums as service providers and the creative industry (Mario Moutinho, Lisbon)
16.00- Plenary reports
17.00-19.00 I European Meeting of Museology students
20.00- 22.00 Working Group – Interactions online project
29 June Problematizing
10.00-12.00 Group visits and discussion with coordinators of participation projects in museums in Amsterdam
14.00 -16.00 Assessing and giving advice to the museums visited
16.30- Plenary reports
17.30- 19.00- I International Meeting of Museology students
20.00-22.00-Working Group– Interactions online project
30 June Acting
10.00- 12.00- Presentation of the working group Interactions online project. Final plenary discussion about network actions
12.00- 13.00 Closure
Language: English
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MINOM general information
Network Project Interactions Online
Action Plan “2007-2010 MINOM renovation”
Network of Students in Museology

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