PODCAST #3: Nottingham Museum Crawl

It's my great pleasure to present to you, dear readers, the third in our series of occasional podcasts, subtitled 'Hats, Holes and Heroes'.

It features over an hour of audio recorded during our Museum Crawl to Nottingham in March. Listen, as we visit and pass judgement upon the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham Castle Museum and the Museum of Nottingham Life.

There's quite a bit of serious discussion in this edition but, never fear, there's a whole pile of silliness too.Themes: dark tourism, costumed interpretation, museum merchandise, gentle listeners and Alan Rickman.

I should restate that the views expressed during the podcast are personal, and do not reflect those of the School of Museum Studies, or the University of Leicester.

Press play to listen online or, to listen later, download the MP3 by clicking on the 'divshare' icon on the right-hand side of the embedded player and follow the instructions.

Apologies if you clicked on the player earlier and got The Chipmunks instead of the museum crawlers! Should be all sorted now.


J said…
Oh dear, now we are going to get people stumbling on the blog by searching for Rickers... I only hope my one-woman heroic passion will keep them here!
Elee said…
Wow, well done Amy! I just listened to the whole thing... we actually did talk some sense at some points, which was somewhat reassuring :)

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