Brand new EPIC competition!!

Dear Attic contributors and fans!

Following hot on the heels of our last fabulous poll MUSEUM HOT OR NOT we are launching a new poll in celebration of our 2011 conference CURIOUSER and CURIOUSER - this time to find the MOST ECCENTRIC MUSEUM OBJECT!

What we would like YOU to do is to send us your pictures of what you consider to be the most STRANGEST, UNBELIEVABLE or downright WIERD objects you have ever seen in a museum.

Please only send us pictures that you have taken yourselves for obvious copyright reasons (and do check with the museum first that you are able to take pictures otherwise we might get into trouble).

Once you have your picture go to the Curiouser and Curiouser fanpage on Facebook - - and upload your photo to the album that will be provided for this very purpose.

Please provide a description of why you think your object is so ECCENTRIC!

Alternatively email your pictures to with your explanation.

Once we have enough pictures we will start the POLL on the Attic blog to find out which object will be given the coveted title of MOST ECCENTRIC museum object!

It doesn't just have to be the object itself - maybe it has a strange story behind it?

To get you in the mood, here are some weird and wonderful objects from museums I have recently visited:

A helmet made out of a pufferfish!

A stuffed cat with a mangled tail meant to evoke the world of Robin Hood:

A book haunted by the ghost of a white women / monk who likes to open the book despite it being left closed over night:

A head in a basket depicting the artist's dislike of art critics:

Okay maybe these aren't WIERD enough for you so get sending your pictures in!

And remember to keep checking the Attic blog and facebook page for more details!


Garun Víkingur said…
Very exciting! Thanks for posting it so quickly!
Amy said…
I think there's little in Leicester that can beat the infamous Tiger Head Snuff Box in the regimental museum, and the Staffordshire murder ornament at New Walk (Elee has pics).

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