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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Every little helps

Whatever happens in the Government spending review and forthcoming council cuts, you just know that museums and heritage sites in the UK are gonna get it in the neck. So I have a proposal. Let's all vow to do our bit.

I promise (and I hope you will too) to have a cup of tea, put a few pennies in the donation box, or buy a little something in the shop EVERY time I visit a museum.

I'm not talking big bucks here - just a few pounds, or whatever you can afford. Do you usually buy cards and gifts on the high street? Patronise your local museum shop instead. Meet for coffee, not in Starbucks, but in your local historical caff.



J said...

(In my best Churchill impression): YOUR courage, YOUR cheerfulness, YOUR resolution will bring us VICTORY.

Jenny said...

I'm in!!!