Research Week Day One - Introduction

Well, for all of you waiting for a live blog, there's been a mutiny. I'm a little tired (first Research Week presentation and APG and all) and I don't think my brain has the capacity to cope with doing all the posts live, either. What I will do, though, is put up some summaries and opinions. I hope that people will respond to these, and I hope that you'll find them helpful.

SO! Research Week is off to a flying start, really. It's great to see so many people here, meet new students and finally put the faces to the names I see flying around the email lists. I'm also really encouraged by the diversity of the students, both in terms of their individual selves and in terms of their research projects. Research Week looks great! Socially and intellectually, its a great opportunity to project your research out there, get feedback on it, and to meet new people. Many thanks to Viv for organising it, and to the academics for being willing to attend. We in the Attic really, really appreciate it.


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