New material culture weblog

From H-Museum (this looks like it could be a really useful resource):

Material World - a new webspace

Material World is an interactive, online hub for contemporary debates, discussion, thinking and research centered on material and visual culture. Material World is the brainchild of scholars working in the anthropology department of University College London and in the anthropology and museum studies departments of New York University, but it aims to create a new international community of academics, students, curators, artists and anyone else with particular interests in material and visual culture.We will use this digital framework to post exhibition, book and other reviews; discuss key topics; develop online reading groups and symposia;post links to images, objects and collections; highlight cutting edge research and fieldwork, conferences, meetings and other events; develop teaching resources and syllabi; and encourage student participation.Please browse the site, and feel free to send content in the form of reviews, outlines of research projects, commentaries, good links, conference announcements and so on. Information regarding submissions can be found on or email


Will Thomson, said…
Thanks for the welcome! We're psyched to be joining this dynamic corner of the web in museum and material culture blogs. In case people wanted to send something and were wondering why it got bounced back, we may have mistakenly written our address. Our current email is Thanks!- Will, from MaterialWorld

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