Symposium: Studies on Historical Heritage

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Studies on Historical Heritage
Dedeman Resort, Antalya (Turkey)
17-21 September 2007

Research Center for Preservation of Historical Heritage, established in 2005 in Yildiz Technical University, organizes an International Symposium on"Studies on Historical Heritage" in Antalya, Turkey between 17-21 September 2007. The symposium will be as a continuation of the previous international symposia entitled "Studies in Ancient Structures" held in Istanbul in 1997and 2001. Antalya, known as Pamphilia in history, was inhabited 50 thousand years agoand housed Hittites, Phyrgians, Lydians, Greeks, Romans, Seljuks and Ottomans. From 2nd century B.C. on the name of the place has been known successively as Attaleis, Adalia, Adalya and finally Antalya. Housing many historical remains from these periods, Antalya is one of the most suitable places to communicate the rapid advances made in theoretical and applied aspects of studies in preservation of the historical heritage.This symposium is aimed to provide an international and multi-disciplinary meeting for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the past,present and future of historical art and architectural heritage and their environments. It will bring together historians, art historians,archaeologists, architects, engineers, scientists, building surveyors, urban planners, and other specialists to exchange their analytical, experimental,historical and constructional experiences and studies in preservation of thehistorical heritage.

A - Historical Aspects
B - Architectural Aspects
C - Archaeological Aspects
D - Information System – Documentation
E - Evaluation - Experimental Methods and Tests
F - Structural Behavior - static, dynamic
G - Numerical Analysis
H - Intervention, Restoration and Prevention Techniques
I - Preservation in Museum Exhibitions and Storage Areas
J - Environmental Aspects
K - Planning the Future of Historic Urban Areas
L - Heritage Management
M - Case Studies

Dedeman Resort, Antalya, Turkey (

Exhibition facilities related to the symposium are planned at the symposium venue. This offers opportunity for consultants, contractors, systems manufacturers and other organizations to illustrate projects, processes,components, materials, hardware, software and literature. For details please contact to the symposium organization.

Leading experts in chosen topics will be invited to deliver keynote speeches.

The official language of the symposium is English. All papers should be written and presented in English. Simultaneous translation will be providedonly into Turkish. Both oral and poster presentations will take place.Proceedings will be available at the registration desk.

The abstract of two pages should include:
• a brief description
• experiments or technical developments
• results
• relevant conclusions on the topics outlined above.

Figures can also be included in the abstract. The abstracts should be submitted to the Organizing Committee no later than January 26, 2007 via e-mail.

• Submission of Abstracts: January 26, 2007
• Preliminary Acceptance : March 09, 2007
• Final Submission: April 27, 2007
• Final Acceptance: June 15, 2007
• Last Date for Early Registration: July 13, 2007

The symposium fee will include participation in all technical sessions, lunches, coffee breaks, reception and symposium dinner. Following are the estimated registration fees. Participants: until July 13, 2007: 450 Euro, after July 13, 2007: 500 Euro Accompanying: until July 13, 2007: 200 Euro, after July 13, 2007: 250 Euro

Members D. Eksi Akbulut, N. Ertürk, M. Vatan Kaptan, S. E. Pusat, N. Yüzer

Yildiz Technical University
Research Center for Preservation of Historical Heritage
34349 Yildiz, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: + 90 212 2612004 Fax: + 90 212 2585140 e-mail:


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