Reminder – A joint Museum Studies Research Seminar with the Post Colonial Research Group

Wednesday 29th November at 4.30pm in Att 204

Viv Golding will make a presentation at the Museum Studies Research Seminar Series 2006-7, On Wednesday 29th November at 4.30pm.

Museum Studies is an interdisciplinary field and all are welcome. Refreshments served. This meeting will be held in Att 204. For further details, or to join the email list, contact Viv Golding (

29th November 2006
Viv Golding (University of Leicester)
New Voices and Visibilities at the Museum Frontiers
Venue: Att 204
New Voices and Visibilities at the Museum Frontiers
Viv Golding joined the Department of Museum Studies in January 2002. The title of her talk is New Voices and Visibilities at the Museum Frontiers. The paper concerns 10 years collaborative work at the Horniman Museum. Horniman, according to Ofsted 2000, is located in a ‘culturally rich’ yet ‘socially and economically disadvantaged’ area of South London where the local communities have global connections to many parts of the world, most notably Africa, the Caribbean and Portugal. Viv’s research interests in the museum are related to the wider fields of art and language education, modern philosophy and Black women’s writing. While museums have long been viewed as a site of oppression for Black people, Viv’s research shows how, by employing innovative approaches, museums in the twenty-first century need not continue to erase or misrepresent ‘Other’ peoples. Specifically she highlights the new location of the museum ‘frontiers’, the museum acting as a dynamic forum for dialogical exchange and the celebration of cultural diversity. Her current project is a monograph for Ashgate Learning at the Museum Frontiers: Identity Race and Power, which is scheduled for delivery in July 2007. Her publications include:

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