A shameless plug! The Department of Museum Studies Research Seminar Series 2006-2007

The Museum Studies Research Seminar Series 2006/7

The Museum Studies Research Seminar is an informal ‘brown bag’ (bring a sandwich!) group that meets fortnightly on Mondays at 1.00pm. Museum Studies is an inter-disciplinary field and all are welcome. Refreshments served.

*This year one meeting, 29th November at 4.30-6.00pm, has been coordinated with the School of Historical Studies Post Colonial Research Group. The Postcolonial Research Group have dinner (usually at a local curry house!) after their ‘twilight’ meeting and we hope you will join us for this. All other meetings during the autumn term will be held in the School of Education.
The first meeting on 30th October will be held in the Stable Block (off Princess Road East, opposite the Education Car Park) in Room H2. The seminar with the Post Colonial Group on 29.11.06 will be held in Att 204.

For further details, or to join the email list, please contact Viv Golding

29 November 2006
Viv Golding (University of Leicester)

Raising New Voices and Visibilities at the Museum Frontiers
Venue ATT 204
(with Post Colonial Research Seminar)

11 December 2006
Jeanette Atkinson (University of Leicester, PhD candidate)
An Overview of Field Research In New Zealand
Venue: ED G001

15 January 2007
Joan Anim-Addo (Director of the Caribbean Centre Goldsmith
College, Lecturer)
Museums and the Black Body
Venue: PRE

29 January 2007
Heather Hollins (University of Leicester, PhD candidate)
Research Ethics
Venue: PRE

12 February 2007
Jenny Gregory (University of Western Australia, Professor)
Colonialism and Historic Collections in the 19th century
Venue: PRE

26 February 2007
Anna Chrusciel (Visiting Research Fellow from University of Hildesheim, Dept of Cultural Policy)
Social inclusion: the German context
Venue: PRE

12 March 2007
Amy Barnes (University of Leicester, PhD candidate)
The Historical display of China in Britain
Venue: PRE

26 March 2007
Ann Brysbaert (University of Leicester, Lecturer)
Heritage and Conservation
Venue: PRE

14 May 2007
Alima Bucciantini (Univeristy of Edinburgh, Lecturer)
Investigating Objects: How Museum Icons are Born
Venue: PRE

21 May 2007
Bernadette Buckley (University of Newcastle, Lecturer)
Creative Curating New Institutions (In PhD Research Week)
Venue: PRE

11 June 2007
Donna Chambers (Napier University)
Cultural Identity and Heritage
Venue: PRE

25 June 2007
Carmen Morsch (University of Oldenburg, Lecturer)
Documenta: Art production and consumption in Germany after WW2
Venue: PRE


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