Oral History Training Workshop

Well, if you didn't make it to the Oral History workshop yesterday, you'll be kicking yourself today. It was a really interesting, useful and productive day, lead by Cynthia Brown who works for MLA East Midlands, but also runs training courses for the Oral History Society based at the British Library.

I think all of us who attended got something out of the discussions and exercises, even if oral history research isn't an enormous part of our lives. Oh, and a pretty good lunch too (even if I say so myself!) - the Healthy Eating buffet provided by the University Catering Department is definitely the way to go in the future. ;)

Apologies for the lack of photos; someone forgot her camera - whoops!


Jack said…
Not so much a comment but a request: do you or any of your associates or faculty know of any information available on establishing a "Family Museum"? I have a very distinguished family history with numerous items I have collected over the years. I have them in display cases here in my home along with a number of stand alone items and a photo wall. Is there any information available for an amatuer like me on cataloging, insuring, protecting, displaying, etc.? Would appreciate any help. jwlillywhite@mac.com
Attic said…
Thanks for your query Jack. Have you tried contacting your national museums association? They might be able to offer the kind of advice you're after.

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