Bursaries to attend EVA London 2008

From H-Museum:

Free attendance (and even lunch) at this lively multi disciplinary event ...

... if you do not have other funds to apply to, for instance if you are an artist or self employed, a sole trader or a member of a very small company, or a student, you may be allocated a bursary.


When? 22-24 July 2008
Where? British Computer Society, 5 Southampton Street, London WD2E 7HA

No need to complete the registration form first. Simply send a joint email

George Mallen, george@ssl.co.uk and suzanne.keene@ucl.ac.uk ,

with 'EVA London bursary application' as the subject.

A bursary selection panel will decide on applications as they arrive and you will be notified soon after we receive your application.

Your email should state:

* Your name and affiliation, and whether you are a student, employee, or self employed
* Your role in the EVA conference - just wishing to attend the conference, giving a paper (with title), presenting in the Visualisation Session or the Research Workshop
* Which days you wish to attend
* What other funds, if any, are available for you to apply for
* Why you fit the criteria for an EVA London bursary
* About 100 words maximum why you are interested in the conference and what you hope to gain from attending.

The bursaries will cover the costs of registration for EVA.

You will be able to register free of charge if your bid is successful.

Registration and outline programme

EVA London 2008 will debate the issues, discuss trends and demonstrate the digitial possibilities in:
. Performing arts
. Visual arts
. New technologies
. Interactive media
. Museums, archives and galleries

If you are interested in the new technologies in the cultural sector -- if you are an artist, policy maker, manager, researcher, practitioner, audience evaluator or educator -- this conference is for you.


About my research project:

Conference website:
Electronic Visualisation & the Arts

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