Writing Opportunity: Journal of Museum Ethnography Book Reviews

The following is an updated list of books available for review in the Journal of Museum Ethnography. Please contact Claire Warrior if you are interested in writing a review for any of them:

Deadline: 15 August 2008

Brown, Alison K. 2008. Material histories. ISBN 97809511311-4-4. Aberdeen: Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen. Paperback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Captain Cook Memorial Museum. 2008. Smoking coasts and ice-bound seas: Cook’s voyage to the Arctic. Paperback.

Gascoigne, John. 2007. Captain Cook: voyager between worlds. ISBN 978-1-84725-002-5. London: Continuum. Paperback.

Keurs, Pieter ter. 2007. Condensed reality: a study of material culture. ISBN 978905789112-0. Leiden: CNWS Publications. Paperback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Keurs, Pieter ter (ed.). 2007. Colonial collections revisited. ISBN 978905789152-6. Leiden: CNWS Publications. Paperback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

King, J.C.H. and Christian F. Feest (eds.). 2007. Three centuries of Woodlands Indian art. ISBN 978398116200-4. Altenstadt: ZFK Publishers. Paperback.

Mack, John. 2007. The art of small things. ISBN 978971415046-8. London: British Museum Press. Hardback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Price, Sally. 2007. Paris Primitive: Jacques Chirac's Museum on the Quai Branly. ISBN 978-0226680682. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Paperback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Rawson, Jessica (ed.). 2007. The British Museum Book of Chinese Art. London: British Museum Press. ISBN 978071412446-9. Paperback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Stanley, Nick (ed.). 2007. The future of indigenous museums: perspectives from the southwest Pacific. ISBN: 9781845451882. Oxford: Berghahn Books. Hardback. ALREADY ALLOCATED

Swain, Hedley. 2007. An introduction to museum archaeology. ISBN 978052186075. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Paperback.

Weaver, Stephanie. 2007. Creating great visitor experiences: a guide for museums, parks, zoos, gardens, & libraries. ISBN 978159874169-8. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press. Paperback. ALREADY ALLOCATED


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