PhD Research Week Review: Day 2, Afternoon session

On Day 2 of PhD Research Week, students introduced their research to their peers. In the afternoon, Ceri Jones and Jennifer Jankauskas took to the 'stage'.

As a new student it was the first time Jennifer had had the opportunity to present her research subject to the rest of her PhD colleagues (or, at least, those in attendance). Her paper examined the The Intersection of Art and Economics, and the reasons behind the current strength of the international art market in spite of economic downturn in North America and Europe.

In contrast, Ceri Jones is three years into her part-time PhD student. For this year's Research Week presentation she gave a paper called Never Work with Museums, Schools or Children: the making of a case study. In it she gave a perhaps enlightening insight for our newer colleagues, into the dark period of fieldwork which we all inevitably encounter on our PhD journey. However, she was able to confirm that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and had decided to impart some of her experiences and advice for the benefit of others. She concluded with her 'key words' for undertaking successful fieldwork: perseverance, opportunistic, flexible and calm (i.e. don't panic!).

N.B. Recordings and copies of (most of) the presentations from Research Week are available for Uol Museum Studies students to access from Blackboard.


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