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Digital Convergence: Libraries, Archives, and Museums in the Information Age

Three Special Issues of Library Quarterly, Archival Science, and Museum Management and Curatorship


The editors of Library Quarterly, Archival Science, and Museum Management and Curatorship are pleased to announce plans for three special issues exploring the shared information needs and challenges facing libraries, archives, and museums in the information age; the overlapping educational goals of library and information science, archival studies, and museum studies programs; and areas of convergence for educators and professionals working to meet user needs in libraries, archives, and museums.

The resulting three separate issues of Library Quarterly, Archival Science, and Museum Management and Curatorship will be published at approximately the same time (end of 2009), and all three issues will be Guest Edited by Dr.
Paul F. Marty, College of Information, Florida State University.

The impetus for this project stems from a recent conference, sponsored by the IMLS, on the need for information professionals who can transcend the traditional boundaries between libraries, archives, and museums to meet user needs in the information age (see: ).

The increased use of and reliance on digital resources has blurred traditional distinctions between information organizations, leading to a digital convergence of libraries, archives, and museums. In light of this convergence, there is a need for more research examining how libraries, archives, and museums can collaborate and combine forces to better serve their users, many of whom do not clearly distinguish among different institutions or the information resources they manage.

We are looking for papers addressing one or more of the following three broad questions in ways that cut across the traditional distinctions between libraries, archives, and museums:

1. What are the information needs of libraries, archives, and museums in the information age, both internally (staff and other
professionals) and externally (public services)? How can new information technologies support information professionals as they adapt to meet these needs?

2. What are the roles and responsibilities of information professionals in libraries, archives, and museums in the information age? What are the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed at their jobs (e.g.
intellectual property, information management, digital preservation, etc.)?

3. What kinds of educational programs best prepare information professionals to meet the needs of libraries, archives, and museums in the information age, including degree and non-degree programs? How are these programs currently preparing their students, and what potential is there for sharing expertise across programs?

While authors may choose to focus primarily on libraries, archives, or museums (depending on their interests and expertise), each article should attempt to explore issues of convergence across libraries, archives, and museums.


* Optional Abstract: September 1, 2008

* Submission Deadline: December 1, 2008

* Review Decisions: February 1, 2009

* Final Versions Due: June 1, 2009

* Publication: End of 2009


If you wish, you may submit an optional abstract (by email to Paul Marty at for feedback by September 1, 2008 (please indicate the journal to which you plan to submit).

Please direct your submission to the journal that most closely matches the particular focus of your article, research, or discipline, as

* Library Quarterly, follow submission instructions at

* Archival Science, follow submission instructions at
(When specifying "Article type" please select the "Special Issue on Digital

* Museum Management and Curatorship, please email submissions directly to Paul Marty at
(Please see instructions for authors at

Please mark your submission as being intended for the special issue on digital convergence.

If you have any questions about the special issues, please contact Paul Marty at

A PDF version of this CFP is available at:

Paul F. Marty, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Information
Florida State University
Tallahassee FL


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