Conference Alert: Explaining Musical Instruments at a Museum

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August 24 - 29, 2008
México City, Escuela Nacional de Música

CIAMIM's theme will be Explaining Musical Instruments in a Museum. The Conference will bring together specialists in different fields of acoustics, as well as specialists devoted to museology, computer music, cognition, musicology, education and informatics relating to musical instruments, in order to discuss the present and future possibilities of interdisciplinary work among all these fields of science in reference to the theme of the Conference.

Museums, in general, have evolved in the last decades by providing a greater emphasis on educational aspects, mainly, as a means of transmitting knowledge through an explanation of objects in their collections.

However, museums harboring collections of musical instruments are at present a long way from achieving this educational goal, which leads to, for instance, small attendances of the general public.

A musical museum, as an educational center, must offer to its public means for approaching the use and enjoyment of instruments and, thereby, of music.

Any musical instrument is related to numerous aspects of life and science. Explaining a musical instrument means informing about it from different points of view, which may be musical, acoustic, historical, or concern the role which the instrument plays for each individual and for society, as well as its structure, different techniques for playing the instrument, its construction, restoration and conservation, and the benefits provided by its use to humans, including strengthening, among other things, of abilities of concentration, hearing, motor coordination and socialization.

Through an explanation of a musical instrument in the museum, one also may achieve spreading of science, since a fundamental form of explaining this type of art object is through an application of scientific concepts.

The complexity of this problem requires interdisciplinary work among the several people making up a museum's personnel and the specialists in each of the diverse areas involved. Such concerted work has become an imperative. Nevertheless, this kind of collaboration is necessary not only in museums but in many other aspects of scientific research related to musical instruments, as well. We intend to have this Meeting promote interdisciplinary work among its participants.

The classical topics of musical acoustics meetings, such as the acoustics of stringed, wind and percussion instruments, as well as the acoustics of the human voice, musical psychoacoustics, musical reproduction, electronic music and room acoustics, will also be covered at this meeting. Furthermore, workshops devoted to Western and Pre-Hispanic instruments will also be included.


• To have specialists in different fields related to music and musical instruments meet.
• To have these specialists relate in interdisciplinary work.
• To discuss the possibilities and the convenience of explaining musical instruments and music in museums and, thereby,

• To bring the public nearer to musical instruments and music.
• To convey and explain the benefits which musical exercise and experience bring to children and to adults.
• To spread scientific knowledge related to musical instruments.




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