Survey: Conservation Approaches to Unprovenanced Antiquities

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Conservation Approaches to Unprovenanced Antiquities: when would YOU conserve them?
Kathryn Walker Tubb

The opinions of working conservators/restorers matter. This survey is about your views. The results will show current attitudes about treating unprovenanced artefacts.

The questionnaire is available at:

The anonymity of respondents is assured by the Opinio software. Do not feel you have to answer all the questions - but more complete data give a fuller picture.

At the AIC meeting in April 2007, I conducted a preliminary survey. The results were interesting but need to be tested more widely. The questionnaire should take only a few minutes. However, comments in the text boxes would be most welcome.

The deadline for answering the questionnaire is July 30, 2008. Completed questionnaires received before June 26 will be used in the oral presentation of 'Shifting Approaches to Unprovenanced Antiquities among Conservation Professionals', a paper I am preparing for the sixth World Archaeological Congress, June 29 to July 4, 2008, in Dublin and later publication.

Your participation is essential if this investigation is to produce meaningful data and is very much appreciated.

The results will be made available in November 2008.

Many thanks
Kathryn Walker Tubb
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